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Mcfly: Keep Calm & Play Louder...

Hey everyone 
Exactly one week ago today I went to see my most favourite-est band in the whole world - Mcfly! They were playing at a venue that was only literally half an hour away from my house so I was super excited! - they've never played this close to where I live before! It was a struggle but I eventually got tickets for Ma, Nam, my Aunty and moi - yes my Nam & Aunty are on the other side of 50 years old but they still had a rocking time! That's one of my fave things about Mcfly shows - they surpass generations; at the concert there were teens, early 20s, kids, and a more mature audience haha!

So, although this post isn't really what I usually post on this blog but I want to recored everything for posterity and here seemed like a good place to do so :)

Taken from the car park - massive queue!

The stage before the show - turns out after all the palava of almost not getting tickets we ended up with pretty good seats :)

The first support act, Boomin - these won the battle of the bands to support Mcfly at this venue and I can see why - they were awesome! Definitely going to be keeping an eye out for them locally in the future :) The dude on the right was completely crazy - soo much energy!

The second support act was Ivyrise - very very good. Can't wait to download their album :)

The pre-Mcfly entry music was the YMCA - immense atmosphere.

I loved the set of the show - because the tour was Keep Calm and Play Louder everything was really British-y  there were carpets on the stage and there were pictures of the Queen in the corners - very well designed.

They were amazing as always! They always sound so amazing live, and they interact with the crowd so effectively too :)

Tom & Danny bowing to Dougie as he plays the bass line of Lies

Tom playing the piano on one of my ultimate fave songs; She Falls Asleep - this was the first time I'd heard it played live and I may or may not have got a little emotional. 

My fave moment of the night; Tom, Danny & Dougie doing an acoustic version of another of my faves, No Worries. At the end they kept going faster and faster and faster - really got the crowd excited - immense!

I may or may not have purchased a hoody :S My excuse? I don't have a brown one...and it's Mcfly - I had to!...

And a programme - I buy a program every tour - this one has some awesome artwork!

P.S credit for the video links to the YTers who made them :)

aHm xoxo