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March photo-a-day #1...

Hey everyone  

As it's halfway through the month I figured it was time to share the first lot of photos from the March photo-a-day challenge (via @fatmumslim) :)

1: Up - it was an achievement that I actually made it out of bed that morning; I was super tired.
2: Fruit - I had some apple and blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers; they count as fruit, right?!
3: My neighbourhood 
4: My bedside

5: Smile - Slightly goofy smile but I was happy that I got a costa iced tea :)
6: 5pm - blogging instead of studying as per.
7: Something I wore - the bfs hoody; I felt like having a cosy day :)
8: Windows - in the library at uni where I seem to spend most of my time #fml

9: Red - the red number on my JW rugby shirt that I was wearing
10: Loud - I've had Mcfly on shuffle turned up full blast for the last couple of weeks to prepare for the concert (aaah I can't believe it's tomorrow!!!)
11: Someone I spoke to today - the bf
12: Fork - oops may have forgotten this one

13: Sign - what I see in front of me everyday when I'm studying in the library
14: Clouds - to be honest we weren't having the nicest of days, there was a lot of cloud cover
15: Car - my view when I parked at uni; it was nasty and foggy :(
16: Sunglasses - my car sunnies, gotta look cool when driving :P

Stay tuned for the next instalment :) Are any of you doing the March photo-a-day challenge?
aHm xoxo