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Top 5 Tuesday: Most Worn Items

Hey everyone  

Today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Most Worn Items - this was so hard to narrow down!

1) Bracelets: As you can see I am a mahussive fan of bracelets! I usually wear a combination of bracelets every day (well, every day that I'm not in a lab - the curse of a studying science is the lab rules) - today I was having a bit of a hipster day so hence the mass of leather bracelets and rubber band bracelets - all very colourful :)

2) Earrings: I swear I cannot go a day without earrings! Literally, I am always playing with my earrings when I'm bored/nervous so I notice straight away if I'm not wearing any. These three are my most worn: pearls (obvs), Tiffany heart tags & Tiffany round studs.

3) Hoodies: Alot of people may thing I am crazy for including hoodies in this but honestly I am a huge wearer of hoodies - so much so that I may or may not have a whole shelf in my wardrobe dedicated to them. I feel like hoodies are just necessary in one's wardorbe - they are so comfy and cosy - perfect when you want a slouchy day!

4) Jeggings: What can I say? They combine my too favourite types of trousers; leggings and jeans - what's not to love? Jeggings have rapidly become a staple in my wardrobe but I am still searching for that ever-elusive 'perfect pair'; you know the one - not too thin, not to thick, not too stretchy, not too bedazzled....etc... Does anyone know where you can get the perfect pair of jeggings? 

5) Gillet: I've wanted a gillet for such a long time but I couldn't find one that I really liked anywhere (gutted). I looked at JW ones but they were all too puffy - I just wanted one that I could put over a hoodie or jumper when it was a bit cool out and would make me feel like a snowman (not too much to ask, right?!) And this Joules one arrived from Santa last Christmas (well done Ma!) and I love it! It's perfect! I love the neutrality of the maroon and I love how it matches my wellibobs (they would've been a fave but I already had 5 so they had to get an honorary mention somewhere!) And how awesome is the lining? I love how the royal blue contrasts with the maroon and the gold just pops!

What are your most worn items?

On a side note: I've finally finished my microbiology proforma thanks to this post being my incentive - yay!
aHm xoxo