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My Week in Pictures...

Hey everyone 

Wednesday = MWIP = happy Belle :)

So, this was how ridiculously foggy it was on Monday - crazy right?!

K (formerly known as London), G (formerly known as Yorkshire), C (formerly known as Cambridge) & I may or may not have spent our 4 hour break on yesterday making 'modern art' - I posted it on tumblr and it go a couple of reblogs so we now class ourselves as 'established artists' haha :)

I finally figured out a way to wear my hair up without it looking too scruffy - yay me :)

These are my ultimate new fave snacks! To be honest, I'm not a big fruit lover but these are yummy! I initially thought that they would just taste like apple flavoured cardboard (I didn't have very high expectation obviously, lol) but I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted them - they taste like actual apple, as in you can taste the apple fibres as if you were eating a 'normal' apple. Definitely going to have to pick some more of these up, next on my list to try are the mango ones-  yum!

I saw this quote on tumblr the other day and I loved it! I may start collecting quotes like this, editing them like so then print them out and frame them for my room - decorating ideas, yay :)

I was definitely in Ma's good books this week - she found this ice cream at Aldi and mistook it for Ben & Jerry's - it turns out is tastes just like B&J phish food (only with monkey shapes instead of fish shapes) but only costs like half the price - #win

The bf and I had a Starbucks date this week; I had a caramel hot chocolate with a marshmallow twizzler - it was lush!

Finally, I was researching my microbiology proforma (thank goodness it's over with now - seriously was the hardest piece of work I've had to do so far at uni :( don't you just hate it when the lecturer set questions on stuff you've never even heard of, let alone studied?!) and I came across this pic (points for getting the joke) and it made me chuckle. What can I say, I'm a science geek at heart :P

Hope you all had a good week :)
aHm xoxo