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My Week In Pictures...

Hey everyone 

It's MWIP time again...
I saw this quote on tumblr the other day and absolutely fell in love with it! I may have to blow it up, print it up and frame it for my room :)

Talking of room decor; I was so glad to rip down these revision note - if only for this week until I but this semesters' up!

I had a very 'matchy' day - the thin stripes on my gloves matched my hoody #sowhat :P

I wore this in my house the other day it was that cold - a long sleeve tee, a hoody, a thick (read mahussive) cardigan, arm warmers and an infinity scarf!

How yummy does this look? I went out with Pa to Manchester and we had lunch in Harvey Nick's, I had this coronation chicken toasted wrap with fried - it was beaut!

I may or may not have spent a few evenings playing about with making some different monograms because it is apparently unheard of to get things monogrammed where I live.

On my way home from uni one day this week I stopped off at this really cute bakery and picked up some macaroons to cheer Ma up :) #gooddaughterawardgoestome 

Hope you all had a good week :)
aHm xoxo