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Hey everyone 

Here's MWIP for this week - I've been experimenting with the F.Maker.HD app on my iPod to combine multiple photos as I had a fairly picture heavy week this week :)

We went to New Brighton on Saturday for Nam's birthday and I happily spent most of the day photographing the scenery - these are my favourite shots of the day :)

Nam's chosen birthday meal was the British classic Fish & Chips - seriously these fish were more like whales than cod!

Whenever I wear these out of the house I always get asked if they are slippers - no they are not! But they almost are :P Fabulous if you are having one of those comfy days and you feel like wearing your slippers out of the house :)

  • Confession: I had another Starbucks hot chocolate -this time with cinnamon - it was beaut! and a marshmallow twizzler was a must after how yummy it was last time! 
  • The hedgehog was my Nam's birthday cake - how cute is he?
  • I had my first ice cream of the year at Parkgate - mint choc chip - yum! It was so surreal becuase Parkgate is famous for its ice cream so literally everyone was walking around with an ice cream - it was like an advert was being filmed or something, haha!
  • I picked up a hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut from Costa while I was in town the other day - it's just like Ferrero Rocher in drink form - lovely!

I was feeling nostalgic so I may or may not have worn my Back to the 80s crew shirt to uni this week #don'tjudge

I am obsessed with Vespas and saw this massive group of them when we were in new Brighton - I just managed to snap a pic - love it!

Confession: I may or may not have picked up another Costa on my way to uni. I had lectures from 9-12; it was all I could do to motivate myself to actually turn up!

Hope you all had a lovely week :)
aHm xoxo