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Hey everyone  

I have finally finished my exams - woop! Admittedly I only had three but they all contributed 75% to my overall module marks - scary stuff! I just feel like I spent so much time preparing and revising for them that it's been a long haul - that just cumulated in these last three days.

Anyways, I'm spending this weekend chilling out and just having some 'me' time.

Yesterday afternoon I drove Ma, Nam & I to the cinema to go and see Warhorse. I usually hate war films but because this revolved around a horse I really wanted to go and see it. It was an amazing film - so compelling and engaging - by engaging I mean I was literally sobbing my heart out at one point and hiding behind my scarf for at least 10 minutes at one point. The film made me so proud to have horses myself and to have a bond with them like in Warhorse - obviously not to the same degree of course but just a smidgen of it. I digress, my apologies - in my opinion Warhorse is a must see - it may even end up being one of the best films I see in 2012 (yes, yes, I know it's only January but even so, it was that good) but having said that, I don't think I could watch it again in a hurry - it was just too upsetting. You should watch it - I'd love to hear someone else's opinion about it :)

Last night, the bf had the night off work and we were planning on going out for a quiet meal somewhere local but I was so emotionally drained after the exams and Warhorse so we stayed in and ordered takeout instead - we discovered out fave takeout place had recently got an 'order online' facility so we did that - I may or may not have got a little overexcited about it :S

I plan on spending the rest of today having a Duvet Day in my onesie and reading - probably going to start either Looking for Alaska or The Great Gatsby - yay!

I will hopefully *fingers crossed* be participating in The Valentines Challenge from Neely, Amber and Casey (read about it here) so you can expect some frequent blogging from me :) Are any of you taking part too?

Hope you all have an awesome weekend :)
aHm xoxo