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Top 5 Tuesday: School Supplies

Hey everyone  
Today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday

I love buying stationery - that annual shopping trip to the office supplies store is probably my fave shopping trip of every year. I love just browsing the aisles and picking out stuff that is just the right balance between cuteness and practicality :) Does anyone else look forward to school supply shopping as much as I do?

So, here are my fave school supplies;

1. Pencil cases - this year I was so determined to only use one pencil case for uni (in high school I was a definite two pencil case kinda girl - one was never enough) but then I saw these two and I just could not choose between them - they are pink and green! -, so I got both - one for coloured pens and one for normal pens/pencils/ruler/etc. - I know, I'm obsessed.

2. Sticky notes - I seriously use these all the time! They are awesome for bookmarking pages in a text book, making little notes on in my planner - plus they come in amazingly bright colours - win!

3. Staedtler pens - these are my favourite pens to use when I'm revising - they make re-writing my notes so much easier because they're in pretty colours! 

As you can see I am slightly OCD about colour coordinating my stationery :S

4. Pretty notebooks - Now this one makes me seem a little crazy - I love buying pretty notebooks but I can never bring myself to use them because I think they're just to nice to use - instead I just store them in a special folder which makes me guilty every time I look at it because it seems like such a waste of money but somehow I just can't stop myself from buying them.

5. Planners - the one on the left (from WH Smiths) if the one I use as a standard planner for uni and my free time and the one on the right (from Paperchase - they always have the cutest things!) is the one in which I write down all my to-do lists for uni work - boring but at least the pretty felt cover distracts me, lol.

aHm xoxo