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Top 5 Tuesday: January Favourites

Hey everyone  

First off can I apologise in advance if the posts for the next week or so aren't formatted as they usually are - it's because my laptop is still at the laptop hospital so I am having to use my ancient laptop which lets just say is a little technically challenged!

Anyway, today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday

Here are my January Favourites... (is it just me or has January really flown by?!) 
1. Converse: I've wanted to get a new pair of converse for a while now because my beautiful sparkly pair that I had for my 16th birthday party had gotten really run down and worn out, so when I was in Manchester with Pa I went to get the simple black ones for everyday and ended up coming out of the shop with these amazingly awesome bright green ones to - my justification was that I could use them to spice up a neutral (read boring) outfit but really I think I was just in love with the colour - I mean, how cute will they be in the spring?!

2. Reading: One of my unwritten goals for this year is to keep up with my reading and English because I found that last semester I really missed studying English (I did English literally every year of schooling I've had, I never dropped it even when I had the chance!) and reading amazing pieces of literature - I still read just normal modern novels but I wanted to start reading some literary classics, so I decided that my first read was going to be The Great Gatsby - oh my lord it was amazing! Seriously, if you haven't already, go read it - there's a good reason it's a classic! Because it's only short it only took me a couple of days to read (I was reading it during my free's in uni) I've now moved on to Gone With the Wind which is considerably more lengthy! - and I'm loving it so far :)

3. Oreo's & Peanut Butter: Parent Trap flashback anyone? I have been loving this snack recently - naughty I know but perfect after a hard day of lectures and labs :)

4. Make Up Tuesdays: There is a lady that comes into my uni on a Tuesday with a stall full of amazingly discounted high-end make up products (total heaven, right?!) so my friends and I decided that every other Tuesday (we are students after all) we are going to go to this stall and treat ourselves to some make up. Today I picked up Benefit's Porefessional for just £15 (yes, you did read that right!) when it actually retails at £24.40 - bargain! Next on my list: a MAC Mineralised Skin Finish (Have any of you tried them? Are they as good as they look?) Gotta love Make Up Tuesdays!

5.Gossip Girl: I've finally caught up with the first four series of GG on DVD from my birthday and Christmas so I can no watch GG as it airs in the UK for the first time - last night was the first episode of series 5 and it was awesome! (side note; if anyone wants to throw me a Tiffany themed party then please feel free to go right ahead!)

fyi - it took me 2 hourse (!!!) to write this post, that's how slow this laptop is!
aHm xoxo