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My Week In Pictures...

Hey everyone 

It's Wednesday again which means it's time for my 'MWIP' post - yay :) 

When I was going through and re-writing my notes I discovered that I apparently like to doodle a lot :S

I'm loving my new 'Hug-a-Mug' - Isn't it so cute!

I was having a good hair day #andwhat

Spending the afternoons reading - lovely!

I've received the fourth series of GG for Christmas and I've been limiting my watching to one episode a night as a reward for spending the day revising - it's definitely my guilty pleasure

I have become legit obsessed with TinyTower on my iTouch - I now have 20 floors; feel free to be impressed, lol.

I've finally cracked how to draw alpha helices after 3 years - just in time for my exam!

The first Raspberry Iced Tea of the year. It's acceptable to go back to Summer drinks now that the Winter specials have disappeared from the coffee boards now, right?

Costa catch up with the vintage bestie, S. Yes, the large coffee cup was a big as her face!  

I have decidedly too many soft toys for a girl of my age - brought to my attention when my toy net fell down :(

The feeling of completing a mahussive to-do list never fails to make me happy :)

I've finally finished all of my revision, ready for my exams this week - ahead of schedule too - yay!

Hope you all had a good week :)
aHm xoxo