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My Week in Pictures...

Hey everyone 

It's Wednesday which means it's time for my 'MWIP' post - woop :) I took so many pictures this week so it's been tough trying to decide which ones make it into this post.

I got my new bed!! So exciting, even though I did have to put it together myself and it's a guest bed so basically haad to put two beds together but heyho I still love it. It looks so cute and preppy with the pink and navy too <3

This piece of music has been torturing me all week! I absolutely love how it sounds but I just cannot for the life of me get it to sound how I want it to. I mean I can play it and it sounds like it should but it's not seamless yet - even more practice needed, oh well at least it will be great for a study break :)
I love getting belated Christmas presents - especially if they involve chocolate - yum!

This week I went to back to College for the presentation evening to pick up my A-Level certificates, and turns out 'd been nominated by my English teachers to win the prize for my English course - win!

Sleepovers with the bf before he had to go back to college :(

Midnight feasts at said sleepovers #omnomnom

The bf hiding behind laptrays as we cooking dinner

Found the most amazing candy shop that had just opened in town - american sweets cravings satisfied :)

Lickle Daisy Dog schnuggling with the bf's scarf - too cute!

The first light of my first Yankee Candle :)

Dinner time - the fruit balances out the chocolate, right?!

Revision, revision and more revsion! Roll next week (omg my exams are next week - that sure came around fast!) when my exams are over and I can party - ahem I mean study -  with the uni girls again :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weeks as much as I did :)

aHm xoxo