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My Week in Pictures...

Hey everyone  

So I thought that I'd star this new mini-series type-thingy 'My Week In Pictures' (MWIP) because seeing as I am starting my second semester at uni soon; kicking of with 3 lovely exams - not! - I'm not sure how frequently I will be able to blog so by starting this non-taxing (I mean how hard is adding pics to a post that I will probably already be taking for twitter/fb anyways?!) mini-series I think it will keep me motivated to blog, especially seeing as I will, in future, be posting this min-series on a Wednesay - just the thing I need to get me through the middle of the week! 

This is my beautiful Christmas gift from the bf - how pretty is it?! And he was thoughtful enough to buy it without a chain so I can wear it on my Tiffany chain with my key everyday - happy girl!

How lucky am I? After a hard day's driving/shopping the bf gave me a foot massage :)

I am actually in love with this make up look - cannot believe I hadn't gotten around to purchasing Stila's Kitten Smudge Pot 'til now!

I made quite a few car journeys this week and I have to say that I am now sick of sales - they just create so much extra traffic on the roads! For example, a normally 10 minute journey took me 40 minutes - ridiculous! - which is why I am looking not very happy in the picture!

Loving my new JW hoodie - they are literally the comfiest hoodie's ever! They get that awesome worn-in feel so fast - win! 

We got surrounded by sheep down one of the local lanes - I wasn't quick enough to capture them surrounding our car but I did get them making their escape!

I picked up one of the Galaxy 'A gift for you' Christmas special choccies when I was getting petrol and I must say it was very yummy!

Perfect way to spend a rainy day: snuggled up inside watching the rain whilst reading a book.

I love snuggling up with the bf and Daisy in a blanket watching a film - it's the little things that make me happy :)

I picked up four of these latte glasses from Dunelm Mill - aren't they so cute? I am hoping that it will help me reduce my Costa Coffee addiction because I can just make my fave skinny mocha with a shot of mint at home now - and it still looks as awesome!

Unfortunately I spent a few nights this week sleeping on the floor of my bedroom because I am getting a new bed delivered and we had to dismantle the old one - I made myself a cute little den though so it wasn't so bad.

The lack of bed in my room allowed me to give myself a manicure all spread out for once so that was nice.

So, that's it for this week, until next time...
aHm xoxo