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Back in to Lush...

Hey everyone  

I recently made the decision to go back to Lush. If you haven't heard of this company then seriously go check them out! They make the most amazing bath bombs, bubble bars, etc. for the best bath time experience! I used to be obsessed with Lush about 5 years ago but I think I over indulged and just got a bit bored of having a bath bomb in every bath, lol. But, after watching countless beauty guru's on YT bang on about Lush I was enticed back into giving them another try, after all it was no fault of the company that I just got bored of their products, in fact it served me right for just buying the same products religiously!

I decided that I was going to plan out what I was going to buy first by looking at their website - otherwise I just knew that I would walk into the store, get overcome by the amazing smells and end up buying a ridiculous lot of products that I probably wouldn't even like. So, I perused the website via searching for my favourite scent - jasmine (so light and not too overpowering)and then just ending up looking through every single page they had on their site! I eventually ended up narrowing it down (and I use this term very loosely!) to these:

Ma, Nam and I then went to my local Lush store a few days ago and I picked up a few things from my list:

I've been hearing a lot of good things about lip scrubs recently and when I saw the name of this - how quintessentially Southern?! - I couldn't resist! The fact that it tastes exactly like mint chocolate doesn't hurt either!

Apparently this Dragons Egg Bath Ballistic promises to turn my bath gold - how luxurious! - and contains popping candy! And it smells of jasmine and citrus - yummy!

This Ballistic is called Phoenix Rising - if name alone wasn't cool enough to make me buy it this excerpt from the Lush website will! "She’ll release gentle shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba oil to leave your skin feather-soft. Exotic essential oils of fruit and spices take your mind on a flight of fancy to distant shores where you are lying on a beach drinking spiced rum." It's always not long after New Year that I start daydreaming of summer and this definitely gets me in the summer mood :)

First off, how amazing does this Bubble Bar look?! It's called Sunnyside - again it will apparently turn your bath t liquid gold and smells super fruity. It's supposed to help you too look forward and leave the bad things behind so how perfect is it for the New Year?! Plus quite frankly I'm a sucker for anything sparkly!

I was so proud of myself for sticking to my list and not getting distracted by all the yummy smells in the store  - yay me :)

Are you a Lush fan? What are you're Lush faves?

aHm xoxo