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2011 Favourites....

Hey everyone  

I saw this post from Carly @The CollegePrepster and thought it'd be a really fun thing to do, so here goes!

1. University - This September saw me making the big move to uni. As apprehensive as I was before I started it turns out that making this transition was one the most difficult but best things I've done in my life. After all the hard work it took to get there, slogging away at A-levels (A-level Chemistry was the worst thing I've had to do in my life - ever!) it was a relief to get there and realise that I actually understood the work and I could follow along - I was petrified that I was going to be completely out of my depth! I've also proved to myself that I am confident enough to make new friends and talk to 'strangers' (previously I was ridiculously shy - once one of my teachers in high school didn't even notice that I was in the class and marked me absent for a whole term!) so it's been a massive confidence boost for me and in doing so I've met a really good set of besties.
The purchasing of a uni hoodie was a must! I'd been looking forward 
to owning a uni hoodie for years (sad I know)!

2. Nail varnish - This year was really the first year that I had nice enough nails to really start playing around with nail varnish's because I was previously a serial nail biter - not proud of it at all. To celebrate finally kicking the habit I may or may not have got a little overexcited and purchased quite a few (read 20+) nail varnish's over the past year (eeeek)


3. Harry Potter - This year saw the final installment of the Harry Potter films be released - instead of provoking me to feel like it was the end of my childhood it actually inspired me to revisit my childhood and saw me rereading all the books, reading fanfiction, watching the films and even getting the sheet music for the piano. You could go as far as saying I have become even more obsessed with Harry's World than I was as I child. I can still remember having my eyes opened to Harry Potter when my Aunty bought HP and the PoA for my birthday the first year it was released -I got completely hooked on that book and then went on the read the books form the beginning. Every midnight release of a new book saw my standing outside my local bookshop. I was in Spain when HP and the DH was released so I begged my Nam to go out get it at midnight for me (and she obliged, blesh her!)  and then ring me up to read me the last sentence of the last chapter so I could try and figure out what was going to happen before I could read it - needless to say as soon as I got home at 2am I stayed up to read it 'til 5am - I swear I have never read a good quicker in my life, lol!
Source: weheartit

4. Southern/Country Music - This summer saw me get really into (read completely obsessed with) everything preppy/Southern; the food, the clothes, the lifestyle and especially the music. This playlist was the soundtrack of my summer:

5. This blog - I could never really see myself as a blogger but now I can't imagine my life without it. I write this blog because I found I was missing writing, because taking on a science degree doesn't really provide much opportunity - lol, and I know that no one is realistically reading this but it's just something fun for me to do as a study break; so heyho - I enjoy it, so what?!

Until next time.
aHm xoxo