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Hey everyone                

So, it's 11/11/11 at 11:11 which means it's wish time! I thought I'd share some things that I am wishing for at the minute (literally, haha!)

  1. I wish that I can actually make it through to the Christmas holidays without completely giving up on studying because this pretty much sums up my attitude to work at the moment:
Source: we heart it
2. I wish that this rainy weather will stop soon; I don't mind the cold and frost days but I cannot stand this drizzly rain we are having at the moment!
Source: we heart it

3. I wish that Christmas would hurry up! As soon as these dark nights come rolling in my thoughts immediately turn to Christmas. I love seeing all the twinkly Christmas lights brightening up the dark afternoons/evenings.
Source: we heart it
4.  I wish I could completely redecorate my room. Don't get me wrong, I love my room as it is now - it expresses me perfectly; full of random ornaments, funky lights, colourful bedding and shed-loads of pictures/posters/postcards/notes/tickets on the walls. But I adore how rooms that are all white look - I think they look so clean, clutter-less and classy;
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4.  I wish everyone would remember all the people in the armed forces that are protecting us and our country, providing us with the freedom that we usually just take for granted - not just today because it is Remembrance Day, but every day.
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It only comes around once every hundred years so what did you wish for today?
aHm xoxo